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Logo for Inner Vision Neuromuscular Center, LLC.  The logo consists of a backdrop of both hands in a massaging position.  On top of the massaging hands are the words Inner Vision in large print.  The letter V is larger than the others and has a graphic of a man, woman and child surrounded by a circle.  The last line of logo text read neuromuscular center, LLC. Where Massage Lives Beyond Sight


Where Massage Goes Beyond Sight

The Innervision Neuromuscular Center was founded in June 2004 by Roderick Parker, a blind massage therapist. Determined to make his disability an asset, Roderick graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in March 1999. With certifications in clinical and neuromuscular therapy,
Roderick gained his work experience from practicing in a number of spas, fitness centers and chiropractic offices.

Being a dedicated advocate and a leader in his community, Roderick saw the need for a place where the day-to-day operations and location were completely accessible to the blind. Roderick envisioned a place where he and his peers could practice independently beside their sighted colleagues, while providing a needed service to the surrounding community. He also wanted to give back by providing peer support, mentoring, and internships to other persons from the visually impaired community who were seeking career opportunities.
On June 26, 2004, The Innervision Neuromuscular Center was born. Today, the center is staffed by both blind and sighted therapists who provide a host of different services, including Neuromuscular Therapy, Reflexology, Geriatric Massage, Hot Stone, Prenatal, and more. From time to time, you may even get a free massage from a student intern. We also provide on-site chair massage for many different occasions.
We come to you!
We can perform our services at events such as church Events, Conferences, Picnics, Family Reunions and much more.
Innervision is where massage lives beyond sight.

INNER VISION Neuromuscular Center, LLC
1553 Virginia Ave
Suite 111-112A
College Park Ga, 30337
Fax: 404.763.0431